Our avocado division, which specialises in Hass, Carmen and Ryan cultivars, was officially established in 1987.

As with all the divisions of Danroc (Pty) Ltd our avocado section, based in Kiepersol implements expert farming techniques to ensure maximum production of the highest quality. Our avocado farms boast higher than industry yields with more than 140ha planted year to date with harvesting taking place between March and August.

Avocados are a highly sought-after fruit and are reputable for being essential in a healthy, balanced diet. They are not only rich in Omega-3 fatty acids but also other vital nutrients and vitamins including Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium as well as B, C and E vitamins. Furthermore, avocados are the only fruit that contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fat with the bonus that they are naturally sodium, sugar and cholesterol-free.