Corporate Governance

Danroc (Pty) Ltd has always strived to be an industry leader in all aspects of our business, including our policies, processes and practices.  As a professionalised third-generation family business, we subscribe to the King Commission on corporate governance. We have also adopted the globally recognised and proven PwC ownership strategy initiative for family businesses.

Our board of directors is predominantly made up of independent board members who do not form part of Danroc’s operational structures. Our MOI stipulates that there must always be a minimum of two external board members representing the board which ensures that all decisions, policies and plans are objective and done so with our agribusiness’ and employees’ best interest in mind.

One of our key policies dictates that all Danroc operations must be done in an environmentally sustainable manner. This not only protects the wellbeing of the land but also benefits our products, staff, customers, suppliers and communities.  In addition, we consider and treat all our stakeholders as partners which enables us to develop and improve all aspects of our agribusiness continuously.